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Pebble Beach

Introducing Our Place...
Strawberry Tree Kaikoura Ltd.

Steeped In Local Fishing Traditions

The Baxter family have been fishing the deep Kaikoura waters off the East Coast of New Zealand's South Island for generations. Bringing fresh Blue Cod,  Lemon Shark (Rig), Crayfish (Koura), & Salmon (to name just a few) - from the ocean straight to the table.

At the  Strawberry Tree we continue this tradition by serving up freshly caught seafood and friendly local hospitality to all patrons. Make sure you stop in for a cold drink and a delicious meal next time you visit our town.

Strawberry Tree

Botanical: Arbutus undedo
Family: N.O. Ericaceae

In the woods at Killarney and Bantry is found growing wild the beautiful evergreen shrub, known as the Arbutus, or Strawberry Tree (Arbutus undedo), which its attractiveness should gain a place in every well-planted garden. It would, indeed, be hard to find any other ornamental shrub or tree that has such a cheerful appearance throughout autumn or the early winter, which its dense mass of greenery is mingled with a profusion of flower clusters and ruddy, round fruit resembling small strawberries. The creamy white, bell shaped flowers, often mingled with pink, are intermixed with the orange-scarlet rough fruit, which owing to the length of time it takes to ripen, remains on the tree for twelve months, not maturing until the autumn succeeding that in which the flower is produced.

An Iconic Kaikoura Institution
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Front or House & Duty Managers required. Send your CV and details to or phone 021 062  6092

Posted 11.08.2022


Part Time Cleaner required. 4-6 hours per week spread over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. If this sounds like you, contact phone 021 062 609

Posted 11.08.2022

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